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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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DNN Life Cycle

Every successful Web project undergoes a strategic process that begins with a strong idea and ends with a compelling message delivered to the eyes and ears of the intended audience. At rocketportals.com we can optimize your business’ Web technology at any stage of the website life cycle…

 First Step: DESIGN

Start with Design

When a customer comes to us with a website design or re-design project, we begin by evaluating your business so we can plan an online environment that effectively meets the unique content needs of your audience. Strong website design depends on an intelligent balance of form and function. Once we have established the content and functionality requirements for your site, our team of website designers will craft an aesthetically appealing and intuitively user-friendly way to deliver it online.

Our graphic designers will create an online interface that extends your brand and facilitates your audience’s ability to connect with your content and your business. If you have a great message, but not necessarily the means to articulate it, our team of wordsmiths can provide you with professional copy writing services. In an increasingly chaotic online universe, rocketportals.com helps you compete for attention with a potent combination of substance and style.
Let us Design your Site
Already Have your Site Design?
Our award winning design team can bring your ideas to life.

Click here to request a custom skin design.
Provide us with Photoshop files or the link to your current website and we'll take it from there.
Next Step: SKIN

Construct Your Skin Template

Rocketportals.com can take your website design and power it with the limitless functionality and flexibility of the DotNetNuke (DNN) Web application framework. With your rocketportals.com DNN skin you get an unparalleled content management system that enables your site to evolve freely and painlessly. Our DNN experts will construct the site skin to take full advantage of DNN technology, so you can…

  • Make easy updates to the look and style of your entire site
  • Quickly add, edit, or delete pages
  • Plug in popular applications and custom functionality (called DNN modules) without complicated development
"Skin" is the term used to describe the visual appearance and layout of your website's pages. A skin can be very simple or very elaborate. It can provide for horizontal or vertical Menus, supply different styles of Containers (like skins for Modules), provide different column layouts, etc. With your rocketportals.com skin, you get the beauty of DNN technology with our ability to help you scale, customize, and support your site.
Convert Design To Skin
No Design, Choose a Pre-Designed Skin
Once we have the design (Photoshop PSD or current non-DNN site) it is time to convert it to a skin template for the DNN Platform. Don't have a design? Don't worry!

We have many pre-designed skins you can license to apply to your site. Our commercial skins integrate seamlessly with any site running DNN.
 Next Step: MODULES
Add Modules

Pages on your site start out blank. You add information to pages by putting Modules on them. There are many types of Modules available for displaying many different types of content. One of the most common is called the Text/HTML Module which simply allows you to put in whatever HTML or text that you like on your page. Other examples of Module functionality include Events, Links, Blog, Photo Gallery, FAQ and much more. DNN has dozens of "off-the-shelf" Modules. Modules are designed to blend seamlessly into your site design and can be configured to suit your site’s unique demands. Rocketportals.com's expertise with DNN modules enables you to give your site advanced functionality quickly without long and expensive development.  

If your needs surpass the basics, we can help by developing a custom Module for you.  Your company can depend on rocketportals.com's expertise to provide custom solutions for your site. We provide Web technology that can enhance or even revolutionize the way your business operates.
Commercial Modules
Add Custom Modules
DNN's "off-the-shelf" modules add functionality such as FAQs, Blogs, Photo Galleries, Announcements, and Links. A variety of DNN Modules are included in your initial license. We also offer several premium modules to meet your needs and specific applications. Whether you have a need for a small module or a large complete system, we have the resources and more importantly, the experience to get the project completed. From large employee-driven intranet portals to complex business-rule-driven web sites, we have assisted organizations with the many challenges associated with developing successful, quality modules.  We work directly with organizations adopting DNN adoptees as well as indirectly with developers and designers.  If you want to learn more contact us.
Next Step: LAUNCH

Launch Your DNN Site

Not only can we build a site that’s perfect for your audience, at rocketportals.com we can help you connect your site with that audience. The Web has become an increasingly crowded universe and we ensure that your site is doing all it can to help your business. Rocketportals.com can offer a variety of approaches to maximize the impact of your website as well as your entire communications mission. We can guide you through strategic outreach programs with a combination of:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Content Push Services

When everything is ready we will stick with you until your site is live. We can assist with DNN installation, configuration, user and security role setup as well as picking the right host company.  We will make sure your launch goes as smoothly as possible.

Need Assistance?
What about after the Launch?
Rocketportals.com consulting services can help.  We offer phone, email, and remote support.  Whether it is installing, configuring, fine tuning, establishing security, importing users, migrating content or any other facet, we have the experience and resources to get the project completed. We are going to be there for support today and in the future.  We completely support our clients during design, development and launch.  We also offer several maintenance programs as well.  All updates are FREE and we will continue to keep up with the platform.  So if you have general or specific questions or consulting needs, we can assist you.
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