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Sunday, September 26, 2021
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Focus Media Concepts, Inc.  provides focused integrated web design and rich media production services to Agencies, Publishers, Technology Companies and Consumer Product Businesses. Our clients receive tremendous value from our model because solutions are customized, service and responsiveness is second-to-none and because total costs are significantly reduced.

Creative Services
Our creative resources are at your service, whether our creative team handles your project from start to finish, or we work with your in-house designers or third-party agency. Let us help you make the most of your project, whether it's a web site design job, rich media encoding, web site portal using DNN / CMS or a complete marketing and branding package  Our services include:

  • Graphic Design (art direction, page layout, illustrations, etc...)
  • Website Development (design, database management, content mangement system, DNN Portals, Flash Animation, e-commerce, etc...)
  • Interactive Media Creation (video, DVD or CD, Encoding to all web CODECS
  • Branding
  • Corporate Identity

E-Commerce / Order Management
For any business selling products direct-to-consumer, e-commerce services help fast-moving companies bring their products to market quickly and cost effectively. We create profit centers for our clients while providing the end-user customer with prompt and professional customer service. Your clients will think they're dealing with your company... it's completely seamless.

  • Electronic Commerce and creation of custom online shopping carts
  • Call center management
  • Receipt of orders via inbound 1-800#s
  • Merchant Account / Gateway Consulting
  • Online order confirmations

    Orders received online are immediately available to client Fulfillment Centers for immediate product distribution.  All orders are paid automatically through your merchant credit card gateway and are administered through a browser based administrtor's control panel.  All shopping carts are secured with a SSL certificate.  Administrator roles can be customized and are accessed through authorized user name and secure passwords.

Electronic Content Distribution
The delivery of information is no longer just about boxed software and educational kits ending up on the shelves at retail or being distributed direct-to-consumer. All types of content (e.g. software, documents of any kind, audio and video files and more) are being distributed via ecommerce and electronic content distribution technologies. We are offering customers the ability to distribute either physical products or electronically downloaded content OR BOTH.

  • E-Commerce
  • Technology for Secure Online Commerce
  • Electronic Software Distribution (ESD)
  • E-Marketing Programs (SEO)
  • World-Class Redundant Infrastructure

Value Proposition:
Companies are increasingly turning to outsourcing partners for their media and communications management needs including web site design and development, project/product management, creative services and e-business solutions.

We have the creative expertise and technical knowledge to build any type of web site.  We facilitate efficient and cost effective solutions. The key benefits of our offering are...

  • Our Culture is based on a "do whatever it takes to get the job done" mindset. Creating this culture has been intentional as we feel that if we serve our clients and exceed their expectations our success will follow. We exceed all normal expectations for responsiveness, attention to detail, thorough and accurate communication.
  • A Project Management Methodology is at the core of our business. As a result of being focused on process, not production, we are able to clearly identify our customers' specific requirements and respond with a customized solution.
    A Single Source Solution. Our customers have a single point of contact for all communication.
  • Project Management Teams oversee each customer relationship.
  • An understanding of our customers' value chain from start to finish. As a result of being mindful of the entire process, not just a specific step in the process, we understand the flow of activities from one stage to the next. Our familiarity with the entire value chain will allow us to achieve Total Cost Reduction Strategies for our customers.
  • A "Best of Breed" philosophy is used to facilitate outsourcing. This insures that the most appropriate resources are being utilized for every customer relationship or every project. This philosophy results in synergy...the comprehensive solutions we offer our customers are the sum of the best available parts available in the marketplace.
  • A web-enabled IT backbone provides visibility throughout the entire process. This creates seamless efficiency. This visibility to accurate data allows our clients to make intelligent business decisions using the most relevant "real-time" information.
  • Costs for services are handled on a variable cost basis. As a result, our clients can avoid large fixed cost investments in their own infrastructure. They pay us on a "per project" basis.
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